"the fact that nathan switched his username on twitter makes me feel like they aren't coming back together." by Anonymous

Why? Max did it too, and he told us TW would be doing stuff soon, and I trust him :)

+ @WhereIsJayTW: #WhereIsJay #BackToOurRegularlyScheduledVegasPics #InCaseYouHaveNotSeenEnoughTongueYet

@WhereIsJayTW: #WhereIsJay #BackToOurRegularlyScheduledVegasPics #InCaseYouHaveNotSeenEnoughTongueYet



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Happy 24th Birthday, Jay McGuiness (July 24, 1990)

Happy Birthday, Jay Mcguiness! (July 24th, 1990)

Happy Birthday, Jay Mcguiness! (July 24th, 1990)

"Twitter?" by Anonymous

We have a twitter but we don’t really use it. If you guys want us to make a new twitter that we’re more active on, let us know.

"jay is with his brother and his brothers girlfriend... they're the only people he's with so i assume one of them is whereisjay" by Anonymous

who knows who is behind it. maybe one day they will tell us but for now no one knows.

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@whereisjaytw: #WhereIsJay #RoadTrip #CarWeekIGuess #WhatHappensWhenYouAreInACarForTooLong #HeHasGotMoves

"Plot twist: Person behind whereisJay is a guy. The latest Instagram video had a male's voice in the background. Do you think the person behind WhereIsJay is a male?" by Anonymous

I’ve honestly got no idea. And the person running their twitter seems to be getting annoyed by the speculations, so I’m just gonna keep my mouth shut lmao

+ Nathan with friends @ Mondrian Skybar recently.

Nathan with friends @ Mondrian Skybar recently.